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White & Black Leather Pouf

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$140.00 USD

The white with black leather pouf will complement your furnishing wherever it is placed. It can be used for seating or as an ottoman to rest your feet. Poufs are a traditional piece of Moroccan decor and the perfect way to bring the far east to you. Made from 100% of the finest quality leather and hand sewn embellishments add to the uniqueness of each piece.


Materials: 100% premium goat leather

Color: white leather with black thread

Size: Diameter: 21" (D: 53 cm)

All our products are Handcrafted in MOROCCO

*Each pouf is unique to the artisan who created it and may have slight variation in color and design.

*Poufs are sold without filling. They can be stuffed with anything from polyester filling, pillow inserts, and towels depending on the desired level of firmness.