Our Story

A compelling moment can be life changing…My Little Maroc is the story of two girls living across the globe from each other (one in USA and one in Morocco), who met during college and ended up becoming the sisters neither of them ever had.

During a trip to Marrakech, Morocco in the summer of 2003, Lina and Vanessa fell in love with its vibrant colors, its culture, and its many hidden jewels. They also discovered the local artisans, the talented people behind all the beautiful Moroccan treasures, who are mainly women, and their extremely moving life stories. It was at that moment, seeing first hand and learning about the hardships these people endured, the girls knew they wanted to do something. Their dream was that one day they would be able to help the local artisans by sharing their stories and many treasures with the world.

Fast forward to 2020, the friends finally fulfill their dream of bringing the beautiful souks of Morocco to you, anytime, any place, anywhere with My Little Maroc. Crafted directly by local artisans in a Fair Trade dimension, we hope our Moroccan treasures handmade with love and passion will bring sunshine and happiness to your homes the same way it did to ours.